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Marketing & Advertising

Advertising & Communications

Domestic Advertising-Media and Production

The goal of the Domestic Communications and Marketing program is to raise the awareness of and interest in Maryland as a travel destination.

Given limited resources, OTD must focus the State’s marketing efforts on those consumers, time periods and markets that will reap the highest return on investment.


Focus communication efforts on Maryland’s most compelling tourism messages, as determined by recent consumer research (both quantitative and qualitative).

Target the highest-value prospects, based upon consumer research and economic conditions, such as detailed in the Travel Decision Maker/Target Audience section.

Key Strategies:

Develop a new integrated marketing campaign based upon the learning from the recent Image & Awareness study, including creative units for county tourism use.

Explore opportunities for extending advertising reach with private sector tourism industry interests through the pilot private sector cooperative advertising impact partnership program.
Continue to maintain a Maryland marketing presence year-round, including annual online search efforts and “Maryland Minute” radio sponsorships in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
Explore other media outlets to further expand reach for this year-round strategy.

Review new media opportunities to target Maryland’s highest value prospects. In 2015, the largest percentage of day trips are taken by individuals with household income between $100K-$199.9K. More than half of day and overnight visitors have household incomes of $75K and above. The majority of day and overnight trips are taken by married individuals with no children under 18 in the household.

Promote Maryland’s Scenic Byways as an ideal way to experience not only commemoration events and sites, but also the variety of Maryland’s destinations and authentic cultural heritage.

Work in partnership with Interactive Services to deploy a new consumer website that is easy to update and will deliver the most compelling content to the prospective visitor.

Increase conversion rates from lookers to buyers of Maryland travel by harvesting data from newsletter subscribers and those who request travel information.