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Indulge All 5 Senses in Maryland

Indulge in All 5 Senses in Maryland Creative

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In moving forward to create the new Satisfy Your Five Senses campaign, the Maryland Office of Tourism began with market research. By focusing on what respondents who chose not to visit Maryland didn’t like, we were able to develop a counter strategy that showcased attributes listed as positives by those who did choose Maryland travel, chiefly waterways, city centers, outdoor recreation, food and natural beauty. We then combined that with travel trends including experiential travel, “traveling like a local,” and multi-generational travel.

With this in mind, we examined the campaigns of our regional competitors, many of which focused on appeals to the senses (Delaware-Touch, North Carolina-See, Louisiana-Hear and Taste). Here our strategy became obvious. Vacations appeal to all of five senses, and Maryland’s unique combination and volume of natural beauty, geography, shopping, culinary delights, outdoor recreation, arts venues and authentic people create visitor experiences that will stimulate every sense.

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