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Green Events

Conferences, meetings and events can result in significant environmental impacts from the amount of waste generated, the amount of materials used, the transportation to and from, and the energy and water consumed during the event. For an environmentally-responsible organization, a wasteful conference or event can be an embarrassment, as well as have a negative impact on an otherwise positive experience for the participants. Thoughtfully-planned green events will clearly communicate to participants that the organizers are committed to minimizing the event’s environmental impacts.

Planning a green event does not mean additional incurred costs – it simply requires a change in mindset and some thoughtful, up-front planning. Facilities that are prepared to host green conferences, meetings and events will make the event organizer’s job that much easier; and hopefully, that facility will be rewarded with repeat business and referrals. Participants in the Maryland Green Travel program would be the natural choice for hosting green conferences, meetings and events.

Checklist for Planning Green Events

Guidance on Green Events

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