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Customer Contact Programs

Collectively, Customer Contact Programs provide comprehensive, high quality information and services to individuals and groups who inquire about the State’s tourism assets, educating these prospective visitors about Maryland’s quality attractions, accommodations and services, generating additional economic impact for the region and the State. Through customer service training and technical assistance, the CCP staff members work with the tourism industry to maintain an outstanding level of service to both internal and external customers.

Business Listings on

To have your tourism related business listed on please contact Peter Cento at [email protected] or 410.767.6295.

Welcome Centers

Welcome Centers are utilized as “out-of-home” media outlets promoting marketing initiatives on an ongoing basis, particularly the Monthly Spotlights and Commemoration events. To accomplish this, OTD focuses on the following strategies:

  • Manage, supervise, and train staff and volunteers at five Welcome Centers – I95 North, I95 South, I70 East, I70 West, Mason Dixon, Sideling Hill, Youghiogheny Overlook and Bay Country.
  • Enhance OTD-operated Welcome Centers with exhibits and information that promote upcoming Commemorations, Maryland Scenic Byways and other statewide and regional initiatives showcasing tourism assets.
  • Manage and monitor all aspects of facility operations related to Welcome Centers and ensure that the State’s investment in this program is deployed efficiently. Engage other state, federal and county visitor centers to share best practices and marketing messages.
  • Reach out to the tourism industry through personal contact, to educate them on the use of Welcome Centers to broadcast their marketing message through the Welcome Center Brochure Distribution Program, Window Displays and Open Houses.
  • Track and collect Welcome Center data monthly, which includes, but is not limited to, fulfillment operations, bathroom door counts, Welcome Center visitor counts, motor-coach usage, hotel reservation revenue, staff outreach and marketing promotions. Develop a simple “monitor” of this activity and its impact on the community.
Maryland Call Center and Fulfillment Operations

Vital to the success of the marketing process is a friendly and timely response to both individual and bulk requests for information. To maximize this opportunity to effectively engage with consumers, OTD manages an in-house call center and directly fulfills all requests for printed information.

Manage and administer the in-house Maryland Call Center, and align with OTD marketing activities. To accomplish this, OTD focuses on the following strategies:

  • Manage and administer the in-house fulfillment operation, quickly and efficiently responding to consumers who request Maryland travel information via the call center, the website or print advertising reader response cards.
  • Provide Maryland materials such as Destination Maryland Guides, Civil War Trails, Maryland Scenic Byways maps in bulk quantity to our tourism partners such as County Visitors’ Centers and Guest Services operations for distribution to their visitors.
  • Manage, supervise and train staff for both the in-house Maryland Call Center and Fulfillment Operations Center.
  • Track and collect Call Center data monthly which includes, but is not limited to, call volume, call source, call type, brochure orders and information requests.
Training & Technical Assistance

Because of the Customer Contact Programs success in maintaining high quality customer service standards, the staff is often asked to train and educate industry organizations, businesses and sister agencies. To accomplish this, OTD focuses on the following strategies:

  • Conduct interactive workshops with staff from other state, federal, county and city travel information centers to share best practices and marketing messages.
  • Continue annual customer service training, including a Maryland tourism track, for these front line travel information center staff as well as Customer Contact staff.