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Staff Listings

Office of the Assistant Secretary

Division of Tourism Film and the Arts (DTFA) & Division of Marketing and Communications (DMC) Commerce

Tom Riford
Assistant Secretary of the Division of Tourism, Film, and the Arts.
T: 410-767-6272 | E:

Office of the Managing Director

Liz Fitzsimmons
Managing Director of the Division of Tourism, Film, and the Arts.
T: 410-767-6331 | E:

Jack Gerbes
Director of Film & Digital Media
T: 410-767-6343 | E:

Kat Evans
Budget Officer
T: 410-767-6330 | E:

Maryland Office of Tourism

General Comments and Questions

T: 877-333-4455 | E:

Strategic Partnerships

Cynthia Miller
Director, Office of Strategic Partnerships
T: 410-767-6266 | E:


Julia Bouie
Executive Assistant/Tourism Development Board Liaison
T: 410-767-6289 | E:

Communications and Marketing Services

Brian Lawrence
Assistant Director
T: 410-767-6299 | E:

Daesha Stark
Communications Administrative Specialist
T: 410-767-6293 | E:

Catherine Batavick
Communications Projects Manager
T: 410-767-6342 | E:

Leslie Troy
Communications Manager
T: 410-767-6298 | E:

Connie Spindler
Communications Specialist
T: 410-767-6329 | E:

Matthew Scales
Public Relations Specialist
T: 410-767-3392 | E:

Jim Meyer
T: 410-767-6325 | E:

Interactive Services

Lucy Chittenden
Assistant Director
T: 410-767-6275 | E:

Kathi Ash
Digital Asset Manager
T: 410-767-6341 | E:

Greg Bird
Web Development/Customer Service Coordinator
T: 410-767-6292 | E:


Rianna Wan
Research Analyst
T: 410-767-6273 | E:

Tourism Development

Marci Ross
Assistant Director
T: 410-767-6286 | E:

Peter Cento
Management Associate
T: 410-767-6295 | E:

Heather Ersts
Outreach & Partnership Coordinator
T: 410-767-6974 | E:

Customer Contact Programs Manager
T: 410-807-1906 | E:

Call Center
T: 410-767-6615 | E:

Anne Kyle
Product Development Manager
T: 410-767-0696 | E:

Trevor Leach
Database Manager
T: 410-767-6285 | E:

Travel Trade Sales

Rich Gilbert
Travel Trade Sales Manager
T: 410-767-6288 | E: