Office of Tourism Overview

Tourism is Maryland’s fourth largest industry and has an economic impact on Maryland by creating jobs, generating tax revenue, and increasing business income. To stimulate tourism, the Office develops recreational, historical and cultural attractions. The Office promotes Maryland as a travel destination for domestic and international tourists. It promotes the state’s attractions, accommodations and events through its website,, annual publication, Destination Maryland and two newsletters, (distributed bi-weekly), Visit Maryland Now and the MARYLAND Insights for the tourism and industry partner. Additionally, the staff advises third-party sellers of travel such as travel agents, and tour operators. There is a public relations staff that has assisted travel writers to generate nearly $15.5 million in destination publicity. The office also manages eight Welcome Centers.

Vision Statement

Maryland leads the way as one of America’s most exciting, diverse and welcoming
destinations -  creating memories and experiences for visitors worldwide to enjoy.

Mission Statement

OTD stimulates and drives Maryland’s thriving tourism economy, with a primary goal of creating a great place for all Marylanders to live, work and play.