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Group Tour


Maryland offers a wide variety of travel experiences all within easy driving distances. With mountains in the west, the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Maryland is a great group destination.

Dining choices abound and you can choose a special place for your next tour. Consider one of our scenic byways or have your group try one of our famous Maryland crab houses. Take your group on a float trip, visit one of our many museums, ride on a steam train or thrill them with a cruise of the Chesapeake Bay.

Stay in our cities, towns, or perhaps include a visit to one of our neighboring destinations. Washington, DC and Gettysburg, PA are just over the border, and Maryland can be a very easy “hub” for these attractive “spoke” destinations. If you are developing tours for seniors, students, or individual travelers, Maryland can help fill the bill.

Performance Venues:
If you’re looking for a place to let your young stars shine, the attached listing of venues will welcome visiting students and youth group performances in parades, at special events, or as part of their routine program. Along with the name, we have listed the general location, contact and approximate dates. Please call to confirm available date and location.
• Performance Venues
• Performance Events
• Performance Parades

Group Tour Services:
Maryland offers a world of travel opportunities and there are a variety of experiences for groups.  There are a number of options, from the mountains to the bay to the ocean; there is something for everyone.  Our close proximity to Washington, DC, provides ample opportunity for your senior, student or performing groups.

If you should need help with additional trip planning, creating itineraries or distributing leads, Rich Gilbert will be happy to offer assistance.  We hope you consider Maryland’s wonderful destinations, attractions and accommodations when putting together future tour programs.  We would love to host your groups!