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Regional Planning Sessions

Maryland Office of Tourism and Arts Announces
A Series of Regional Meetings to Leverage Partnerships Concerning Maryland’s
Quality of Life, Tourism, Arts, and Revitalization

Goal: To build and develop programs between state agencies and other partners involved in arts
and tourism, which will appeal to in-state and out-of- state customers to drive economic and quality of life benefits for Maryland.  The state agencies include: DHCD, Transportation, DNR, Commerce, and Planning

Background: The offices of Tourism and Arts will be working together to convene those state,
county, and local groups that are using tourism and arts to bring economic vitality to their
jurisdictions.  The meetings will begin in February and conclude by May 2018.  Ideas and programs that are generated from these sessions will/could be included in the Fiscal Year 2019 work plan of both offices.

Details:  The meetings will be held in each region and will include Commerce’s regional
representatives, agency partners, destination marketing organizations, arts councils, Arts and
Entertainment District Managers, Main Street Managers, Scenic Byways Coordinators, Heritage
Area Managers and tourism-and- arts-related businesses.

Each meeting will take place over a day.  The first part of the day will be for the state agencies to
give a brief overview of how they can benefit tourism and arts-related entities.  The second half of
the day will be round-table discussions, which will be centered on marketing, research, access to
resources, and idea generation to build collaboration and programs that will enhance the state’s
tourism and arts offerings.

The Regional meetings are being produced by the Maryland Office of Tourism and its sister
agencies sponsored in part by AAA. There is a $20 registration fee for each workshop, and lunch will be provided. Your registration fee helps to cover the cost of lunch.  All meetings will be held from 9:00am – 3:00pm


May 15, 2018 – Western Region, Rocky Gap 16701 Lakeview Road NE, Flintstone, MD 21530

To better achieve our goal of engaging our partners, we are asking that you please participate in this brief 15 minute survey.