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Blogger Bash

Blogger-Bash-Welcome-Poster_800x533What is Blogger Bash?
This unique bi-annual event is designed to bring together regional bloggers and Maryland’s county tourism partners for networking and local culinary delights. Attendees hear about what’s new across the state, including culinary hot spots, events, and attractions.

Who is Blogger Bash for?
Maryland’s destination marketing organizations are one side of our attendees. The other side is local and regional bloggers, as well as locally-based national and international bloggers, who cover tourism topics.

Are you a Maryland-area travel, culinary, or lifestyle blogger who regularly covers local tourism events and attractions? Sign up here to be added to the interest list:

While we’d like to include everyone who expresses interest in Blogger Bash, events are invitation-only with limited ticketing. Our goal is to foster an environment for meaningful connection rather than a fast-paced marketplace too large for conversation. We’re working to expand and invite new attendees to each event.

In the meantime, the Maryland Office of Tourism is here to assist you and connect you with the right people for your travel blog posts and stories! Let us know the places you’re visiting or areas you’re interested in learning more about, and we’ll be happy to help.