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First Lady Yumi Hogan Dedicates First Piece of Public Art for University of Maryland Baltimore

First Lady Yumi Hogan was on hand to help dedicate the first piece of public art at the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB). The 30-foot-tall kinetic sculpture entitled “Stochastic Interactions” had been bound in place with a red sash, and Hogan joined UMB President Jay A. Perman and Sculptor Eric Peltzer in freeing the massive, moving work. As required by legislation passed in 2013, public art must be included in new or renovated state buildings.

“Public art is free. No admission price. A museum without walls,” said Ken Skrzesz, Executive Director, Maryland State Arts Council, who also noted that an outdoor sculpture such as Peltzer’s work “allows us moments of reflection.” The sculpture stands at the corner of Baltimore and Pine streets at the University’s new Health Science Research Facility. For video of the dedication and the massive sculpture in action, follow this link.

Pictured from left: Ken Skrzesz, Executive Director, MSAC; UMB President Jay A. Perman; First Lady Yumi Hogan; sculptor Eric Peltzer; and Catherine Leggett, Chair, Maryland Commission on Public Art.