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Governor Hogan Designates Calvert Marine Museum as Maryland State Paleontology Center

On May 15, Governor Larry Hogan signed a bill designating the Calvert Marine Museum as the State Paleontological Collections and Research Center establishing the museum as the official repository of Maryland’s rich and diverse fossil finds and collections. Within the next five years, the museum plans to construct a new paleontology center. The new facility will include the paleo library, collections storage, office space, preparation areas, receiving areas for large fossils and conference space.

In addition to working within the professional paleontological community, the Calvert Marine Museum shares its resources with the public. “We are thrilled that our state legislature and our governor recognize that the Calvert Marine Museum is not just the jewel in Calvert County’s crown,” said Evan Slaughenhoupt, Board President, Calvert Marine Museum. “It truly is a distinguished flagship museum for the state and a renowned tourist destination.”