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Hunting Works for Maryland Highlights Sport’s Economic and Ecological Benefits

Hunters in Maryland generate $401 million in economic activity, much of which is spent at locally owned businesses throughout the state. Business leaders from across the state came together in Annapolis to highlight this and other economic successes derived from hunting while announcing the formation of Hunting Works For Maryland. More than 65 organizations have signed on to be part of this free initiative. Members are advocates for public policies that support jobs and economic prosperity. As a grassroots organization, members promote the role that hunting and the shooting sports play in both the heritage and economic health of Maryland.

More than 88,000 people hunt in Maryland each year, spending $3,000 annually on average and generating an economic impact of more than $401 million, and $32 million in state and local taxes. “In addition to generating tax revenue, hunting also supports thousands of jobs in the state of Maryland and draws as many as 19,000 out-of-state hunters each year as well,” said Ruth Toomey, Co-Chair and Executive Director, Maryland Tourism Coalition. “Maryland hunters spend $50 million on trip-related expenses each year, and another $128 million per year on equipment.”