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Maryland Public Art Commission Visits Hagerstown Cultural Trail

On May 22, the Maryland Public Art Commission (MPAC) visited the new Hagerstown Cultural Trail. The trail is one of eight catalyst projects in the City Center Plan, a roadmap for downtown development. Public art is being incorporated along the trail route, with more than seven new artwork pieces dedicated in the last two years. MPAC Commissioners were photographed in front of a new mural ‘Building Blocks’ by artist HENSE, also locally dubbed ‘The Mural of Unusual Size.’

Pictured left to right: MPAC Commissioner Rodney Tissue, City of Hagerstown; Liesel Fenner, MSAC; MPAC Commissioners: Elaine Bachmann, Maryland State Archives; Leslie Kahn, Architect, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts; Elizabeth Hughes, Maryland Historical Trust; Catherine Leggett, MPAC Chair; Kathy O’Dell Ph.D., UMBC; Molline Jackson, MNCPPC; Rand Griffin, Corporate Office Properties Trust (Ret.).