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Media from Around the World Welcomed

OTD, along with our DMO partners and Capital Region USA (CRUSA), have welcomed media and industry from seven important international travel growth markets to Maryland for fall FAM tours since September. Journalists and tour professionals from Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Germany, France, China, and South Korea have toured Maryland over the past two months, as part of OTD’s mission to increase international travel to Maryland.

“These tours bring media influencers and travel professionals to Maryland for first-hand experiences that put Maryland’s unique tourism assets at the top of their minds,” said Liz Fitzsimmons, Managing Director, TFA. “The resulting first-person Maryland travel stories are an essential and powerful tool in selling Maryland travel.” FAM season begins again in the spring, with group tours already in the works for media from Canada and CRUSA’s four chief markets– the U.K., France, Germany and China.

Pictured: Deputy Secretary of Commerce Ben Wu and Liz Fitzsimmons, Managing Director, TFA, front row from left; and First Lady Yumi Hogan, front row, center, and tour operators from South Korea.