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Share Your Fish Story with Fish & Hunt Maryland

Maryland is one of the few states with a dedicated fishing and hunting program, and this unique initiative provides a powerful tool to promote Maryland’s outdoor tourism partners and assets. However, to maintain this competitive advantage in promoting Maryland as a premier fishing and hunting destination, Fish & Hunt Maryland is going to need a lot of fish stories to inform, inspire and to ultimately influence our audience. The site publishes seasonally relevant articles written by outdoor experts, enthusiasts, DNR and OTD staff, and private sector partners such as you. This content is, in turn, utilized in social media to promote the articles, and the model has been successful. Since November, 2017, Fish & Hunt Maryland’s Facebook followers have doubled from 13,000 to 26,000.

We would love to share stories and photographs from your destinations to keep the content lively. For more information about the entire initiative and how you can get involved, please see the Fish & Hunt Maryland overview or contact Heather Ersts, Partnership and Outreach Manager at