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TFA Meets With Representatives of the Town of Eagle Harbor

Liz Fitzsimmons, Managing Director, TFA, and Heather Ersts, Outreach & Partnership Coordinator, OTD, met with representatives of the Town of Eagle Harbor and Prince George’s County and other state representatives to discuss tourism-related economic opportunities for the historic town. A traditional African-American beach community founded in 1925, Eagle Harbor is known as “Paradise on the Patuxent.” Representatives of the town, including Mayor James D. Crudup, Sr., consulted with TFA on ideas to expand the town’s economic and cultural assets while maintaining its historic character.

Pictured: (Left to right) James R. Banks, Jr., Public Safety Commissioner, Town of Eagle Harbor; Heather Ersts, Outreach & Partnership Coordinator, OTD; David K. Lewis, Director of Business Development, Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation; Liz Fitzsimmons, Managing Director, TFA; Town of Eagle Harbor Mayor James D. Crudup, Sr.; and Duane Felix, Assistant Director Statewide Region, Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development. (Faye Njaka of Commerce’s Business Development Office took the photo.)