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What do you as a business get out of becoming a Maryland Green Travel partner?
  • By getting more energy efficient, you reduce waste and streamline your operations, which can lead to lower costs and increased profits.
  • You will learn about the best ways to advance your sustainability efforts through networking opportunities with other green businesses.
  • Members of the Maryland Green Travel program will be listed as a green company on both the official Maryland Tourism web site,, and on the Maryland Green Registry.
  • You get to use the Maryland Green Travel logo in all of your marketing materials – print and online – which can been linked to your Green Profile displaying all of your sustainable practices and activities.
  • Maryland Green Travel Partners are recognized by AAA as ECO properties in their guidebook and on their website.
  • Maryland Green Travel Partners are promoted through Maryland Tourism channels – eNewsletters, press, social media, etc.

What do your potential customers and other consumers get?
  • Travelers recognize your green certification as an indicator of a business that cares about the greater good. People are inclined to do business with companies they respect.
  • Many travelers, of course, seek out green businesses that are committed to sustainability. They tend to share this information with other travelers, providing you with business referrals.
  • These travelers will also gravitate to using local goods and services in Maryland – your products – in their effort to patronize green businesses.

How does this help the environment?
  • The Maryland Green Travel program provides you with a road map for conserving environmental resources, such as energy and water.
  • It gives you a way to support the preservation and protection of Maryland’s special and unique resources, from wildlife habitats near the Chesapeake Bay to pristine mountain vistas in Western Maryland.
  • The program helps you to improve the air quality in our cities and towns by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.