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OTD Launches New Website

OTD is in the initial “soft” launch of its complete redesign of, the official website of Maryland travel. The new site design has been more than a year in the making in collaboration with the team at Miles Partnership and the entire OTD staff. Visually, the site offers a bold new design featuring a billowing Maryland flag throughout; a comprehensive collection of exciting new photography from across the state; handsome, easily readable fonts; and sharp, engaging graphics that leverage the state’s iconic colors of red, black and gold. The overall design is clean, sharp, uncluttered and welcoming.

Functionally, the site’s architecture is intuitively designed for easy and effective navigation; quick to load and react; and works seamlessly across browsing platforms and devices, including mobile device, tablet, or home computer-based. All content is either new or thoroughly refreshed and organized around 40 initial topic hubs, each a major differentiator for the state. These hubs act as the center of content wheels with related subtopics branching off as spokes from the central theme. Further hubs will join the initial 40 as OTD continues to expand and improve the site. Take a look at the all new and let us know what you think.