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Research in the Time of COVID-19: Case Studies from 400 Years of African American History Fellowship

How has COVID-19 impacted research methods? Four scholars provided insight into their research on the Underground Railroad in Maryland at a webinar on May 25.. Speakers discussed the ways Covid-19 restrictions have changed their research process, and provided an overview of the skills, methods, and research facilities they found most useful for their research, as well as new information about Maryland’s Underground Railroad.

The session speakers are 400 Years of African American History Fellows, a partnership of the Maryland Department of Commerce Office of Tourism and the Legacy of Slavery in Maryland program at the Maryland State Archives, funded by the 400 Years of African American History Commission. The webinar was hosted by Preservation Maryland as part of the Six to Fix “Mapping the Underground Railroad Across Maryland” partnership. The fellowship’s goal is to nominate Maryland historic sites associated with the Underground Railroad to the National Park Service’s Network to Freedom program.

View The Webinar Here