Drum Point Lighthouse
Calvert County Department of Economic Development

Drum Point Lighthouse at Calvert Marine Museum

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Drum Point Lighthouse
Calvert County Department of Economic Development

Drum Point Lighthouse at Calvert Marine Museum

There are many ways to partner with the Maryland Office of Tourism in order to market your destination/ attraction and to get the word out about your events and initiatives. Here are a few suggestions and contact information for our staff members who can help you.

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OTD’s website attracts almost three million visitors annually. To ensure your business, event and/or deal is accessible to these travel decision-makers, claim or update your listings through the website’s self- entry portal. Please check your listing often to ensure that it capitalizes on thematic promotions and other OTD marketing activities.

Visit with a Travel Counselor at any of the eight Maryland Welcome Centers and your local Visitor Center. [email protected]

Submit photos to our WebDAM (Web Digital Asset Management) for Maryland Office of Tourism use. Kathi Ash, 410-767-6341, [email protected]

Distribute your brochures and display marketing materials at Maryland Welcome Centers. [email protected]

Create group tour opportunities and let us know about them. Rich Gilbert, 410-767-6288, [email protected]

Send your press releases to us and participate in travel media familiarization tours (FAM tours). Leslie Troy, 410-767-6298, [email protected]

Get help reaching the travel trade market—group tours, student groups, reunions and receptive travel buyers. Participate in sales missions and trade show outreach, and receive tour leads. Rich Gilbert, 410-767-6288, [email protected]

Review visitmaryland.org to make sure your business listing is up to date. [email protected]

Use “Open For It” branding and creative assets in your advertising. Brian Lawrence, 410-767-6299, [email protected]

Get help with your business listing content. Jim Meyer, 410-767-6325, [email protected]

Nominate your story into the National UGRR Network to Freedom and/or a Smithsonian affiliate. Heather Ersts, 410-767-6974, [email protected]

Add your events to the visitmaryland.org calendar. Kathi Ash, 410-767-6341, [email protected]

Host Maryland Office of Tourism staff for a tour of your district or industry. Heather Ersts, 410-767-6974, [email protected]

Provide tickets/prizes for Maryland Mondays giveaways. Leslie Troy, 410-767-6298, [email protected]

The Maryland Office of Tourism promotes worldwide through our partners at Capital Region USA (CRUSA) and Brand USA. Scott Balyo, 540-450-7593, [email protected]

Utilize the resources and information on this, the Maryland Office of Tourism industry website.